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The REACT Facilitator and Participant Manuals on improving malaria diagnosis and treatment

Category: Useful Resources
Sub Category: Intervention Manuals
Author: University of Yaoundé; London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; University of Nigeria; National Malaria Control Programme, Cameroon; The Fobang Foundation, Cameroon
Published Date: 01 November 2010

REACT Cameroon designed six training modules to support the introduction of malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs). The manuals were used to train health workers at government and mission hospitals and health centres. The six modules are presented in two manuals

1. Ensuring appropriate treatment of uncomplicated malaria

Module 1. Malaria Diagnosis
Module 2. Rapid Diagnostic Tests
Module 3. Malaria Treatment

2. Improving quality of care for management of suspected malaria

Module 4. Adapting to Change
Module 5. Professionalism
Module 6: Communicating Effectively

Modules 1-3 were delivered in a one-day workshop and use facilitator-led seminars and a practical session on how to use a rapid diagnostic test. These modules focus on health workers’ knowledge of the malaria treatment guidelines.

Modules 4-6 supplement Modules 1-3, and were delivered over two days. The modules use participatory methods, such as small-group exercises, games, and drama. These modules reinforce key messages about malaria diagnosis and treatment, develop interpersonal skills, and were intended to change health workers’ practice.

Each manual has a version for participants and a version for facilitators. The facilitator’s manual contains additional guidance on how to deliver the training material. The manuals are available in English and French.

Overview of REACT Cameroon Evaluation

The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of introducing malaria rapid diagnostic tests with health worker training was evaluated in government and mission health facilities in two areas of Cameroon. The training was developed and implemented in partnership with the National Malaria Control Programme.

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