Free SARS-CoV-2 Ag RDT
e-Learning Course

In September, ASLM and partners Africa CDCCHAI, and Last Mile Health, launched the COVID-19 Ag RDT training e-learning course. Hosted online through the ASLM Academy, the course allows free and flexible self-learning that enables healthcare service providers to train and acquire knowledge and skills for safely and correctly using SARS-CoV-2 Ag RDTs to diagnose COVID-19. Learners who complete the training are awarded certificates of completion. Learn more here.

FREE ASLM Online Courses

  • Enroll here for the COVID-19 Diagnostics and Testing MOOC developed by ASLM, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and FIND.
  • Enroll here for the Laboratory Training for COVID-19 Molecular Testing MOOC developed by ASLM and FIND



ASLM2021 Scholarship Programme Applications Open Through 1 Nov!

The ASLM2021 Scholarship Programme is a competitive process designed to provide financial support to professionals and students from low-and middle-income countries who need external funding in order to attend ASLM2021 Virtual conference. The Scholarship for ASLM2021 will cover the cost of registration.

Scholarship applicants must complete the online application, available here, by 1 November 2021. Applicants must describe what they hope to gain by attending ASLM2021 and justify their scholarship need. Awards will be made no later than 8 November 2021 by the review committee.

For more information about ASLM2021, please visit the ASLM2021 website.

Download the ASLM2021 Flier here


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