Global Health Microbiology aims:

  • To enable the sharing of microbiology laboratory methods and Standard Operating Procedures based on the best available evidence
  • To support the convergence of methodologies used in microbiology laboratories in the tropics
  • To facilitate collaborative studies of tropical microbiology
  • To encourage dialogue amongst microbiologists working in the tropics
  • To provide a forum in which clinical microbiologists around the world can seek help, advice and information about any aspect of laboratory practice in the tropics

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Laboratory TB Diagnostics

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TB Diagnostic Pathway and Diagnostic Tracker 

GLI recently announced the release of the TB Diagnostic Pathway, a common good resource for the TB community. This is a site to help innovators develop their research idea. The initiative will help with standardisation of research, commercialisation and roll-out.

TB Diagnotic Pathway is complemented by the TB Diagnostic Pipeline Tracker, hosted by FIND, which maps the status of diverse TB diagnostic solutions.

We urge you to visit the site and share innovative ideas.

GLI GUIDE to TB Specimen Referal Systems and Integrated Networks

Aimed at TB programme and laboratory managers, Ministry of Health officials, and implementing partners across various disease programmes, this GLI guide provides practical specifications to designing optimized specimen referral systems based on country situational assessments, as well as implementing, scaling-up and maintaining functional, effective, and context-based referral systems through a continuous improvement approach.

Guideline documents

Guideline: TB Diagnostic algorithms 

Guideline: Guide to TB Diagnostics 

Guideline: TB Laboratory Strengthening 

Guideline: Planning for country transition to Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra Cartridge

GLI Training Package: Programme Modules for Diagnostic Network Strengthening