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What are the biggest challenges for Laboratory Microbioloby in the tropics?

Musamba Joaquim commented:

Some of the biggest problems confronting the work of microbiology laboratory in tropical zones: 1. lack of microbiology related equipment; i.e autoclaves, incubators, Co2 cylinders etc 2. staff not comfortable with manual ...

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Personal Protective Equipment

Healthcare workers and Laboratory staff are on the frontline of responses to outbreaks like Ebola Virus and Haemorrhagic Fever. The Ebola Virus outbreak in West Africa 2013-2016 saw many first responders being ...

2 months ago

Improving the quality of laboratory testing

I am particularly interested in the progress made by the African CDC. Since their meeting in 2013 it was established that laboratory strengthening is one of the African CDCs pillars and that ...

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STI’s situation in Pakistan

General Information Sexually transmitted infections (STI) are an important public health problem due both to their morbidity and their complications ...

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Chikungunya Outbreak Response Page - Now On The Global Health Network

In response to the Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) Outbreak a new area on the Global Health Network has been setup to ...

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Honduras Regional Faculty wins award at International Conference for REDe/TGHN

The Honduras Regional Faculty has won a prestigous award for its abstract about the capacity building work done as part ...

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New GCLP Training Module: Standard Operating Procedures & Analytical Plan

The Global Health Network are pleased to announce the addition of a fourth module to our GCLP course; ‘GCLP: Standard ...

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Announcement of Training Program for Latin America (FLACSO)

We are seeking the new trainees for next year (2018) for our FLACSO-Fogarty Training Program to come to Buenos Aires ...

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