A dedicated space on The Global Health Network to support knowledge exchange and skill-sharing between laboratories and research staff in resource-constrained settings.

Global Health Laboratories is a free, open-access, online professional community designed for laboratory researchers and staff to exchange resources, knowledge and experience.

Registering is free and open to anyone working in Global Health. Everything you find within the Global Health Laboratories website has been provided by other laboratory researchers/staff and has been reviewed and approved by an expert panel.

Share your comments and suggestions on how to improve the website and make it more relevant and informative. You can also participate by sharing your protocols, SOPs and templates, as well as by giving your input on discussions, articles and blogs. All articles and materials will recognize the author and their institutions and will be reviewed by an expert panel. This is to assure that the material made available, as well as the guidance that is provided, are reliable and high quality.

Any questions, comments or concerns please get in touch at laboratories@theglobalhealthnetwork.org


The aim of Global Health Laboratories is to support laboratory research in developing countries by providing a forum for researchers and staff from around the world. Here laboratory personnel can discuss issues and seek help, give and receive advice and access quality per reviewed information about any aspect of laboratory practice. It is also a platform for sharing methods, resources, tools and courses.

By enhancing networking and exchange between different types of laboratories globally, working in all types of settings and across disease areas, Global Health Laboratories aims to enable equitable access to quality research resources and to promote Good Clinical Laboratory Practice.

The range of resources and facilities on this website include:

  • Laboratory protocols, SOPs, templates and guidelines
  • Expert input via time limited, Q & A topical discussions (“Ask the expert” events)
  • A comprehensive on-line training facility that includes recorded webinars and seminars, downloadable courses and teaching resources and a set of high quality certificated GCLP e-learning courses
  • A professional network for laboratory managers, researchers and staff to share experiences and seek peer support, advice and guidance
  • Latest open access articles from respected journals
  • Good Laboratory Practices
  • Laboratory quality management resources

 Global Health Laboratories is in its initial stages and a lot more resources and content will be added soon, so keep an eye on this space.

Laboratory Skills Training for Clinical Research in Resource-Constrained Settings

Laboratory Manager Ken Awuondo talks about laboratory skills training for clinical research in resource poor settings and how the work he has been conducting with The Global Health Network will have an impact on this area.