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Clinical immunology is the study of diseases caused by disorders of the immune system (failure, aberrant action, and malignant growth of the cellular elements of the system), and also involves diseases where immune reactions play a part in their pathology and clinical features.

PLOS has created a collection of Clinical Immunology-related research papers that has been organized into broad categories including:

-       Allergies & Anaphylaxis

-       Tumor Immunology

-       Immunodeficiency

-       Autoimmune Diseases

To access the collection click on the topic of your interest.


PLOS Pathogens pearls is a collection of short educational and highly useful articles that address topics of relevance and importance within the field of pathogens research. 

Some of the articles included in this comprehensive collection include:

-       The Skin Microbiome: A Focus on Pathogens and Their Association with Skin Disease

-       Mother–Infant HIV Transmission: Do Maternal HIV-Specific Antibodies Protect the Infant?

-       Candida albicans Pathogenicity and Epithelial Immunity

-       Helminth Infections, Type-2 Immune Response, and Metabolic Syndrome

-       An Overview of Respiratory Syncytial Virus

-       Host Susceptibility Factors to Bacterial Infections in Type 2 Diabetes

-       Microbial Endocrinology in the Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis: How Bacterial Production and Utilization of Neurochemicals Influence Behavior

-       Memory of Infections: An Emerging Role for Natural Killer Cells

-       Host Immune Response to Intestinal Amebiasis

-       Self and Non-self Discrimination of Intracellular Membranes by the Innate Immune System

-       Immune Regulation during Helminth Infections

-       Emerging Infectious Diseases: Threats to Human Health and Global Stability


You can download the individual articles in pdf version by clicking in the corresponding link. To access the full PLOS Pathogens Pearls collection click here.