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This is a series of paper published by Nature with the intetion of further disseminating current knowledge of global health diagnostic needs for diseases and conditions that most severely affect those living in the developing world.

There are nine articles including:

1. Hay Burgess DC, Wasserman J, Dahl CA.  Global health diagnostics (2006) Nature Supplement (November); S1-S2.

2. Girosi F, Olmsted S, Keeler E, Hay Burgess DC, Lim YW, Aledort JE, Rafael ME, Ricci KA, Boer R, Hilborne L, Pitkin Derase K, Shea MV, Beighley CM, Dahl CA, Wasserman J. Developing and interpreting models to improve diagnostics in developing countries (2006) Nature Supplement (November) S3-S8.

3. Lim YW, Steinoff M, Girosi F, Holtzman D, Campbell H, Boer R, Black R, Mulholland K. Reducing the global burden of acute lower respiratory infections in children: the contribution of new diagnostics (2006) Nature Supplement (November): S9-SS18.

4. Aledort JE, Roland A, Le Blancq SM, Ridzon R, Landay A, Rafael ME, Shea MV, Saffrit J, Peeling RW, Hellmann N Muaba P, Holmes K, Wilfert C. Reducing the burden of HIV/AIDS in infants: the contribution of improved diagnostics (2006) Nature Supplement (November): S19-S28.

5. Ricci KA, Girosi F, Tarr PI, Lim YW, Mason C, Miller M, Hughes J, von Seidlein L, Agosti JM, Guerrant RL. Reducing stunting among children: the potential contribution of diagnostics (2006) Nature Supplement (November): S29-S38.

6. Rafael ME, Taylor T, Magill A, Lim YW, Girosi F, Allan R. Reducing the burden of childhood malaria in Africa: the rol of improved diagnostics (2006) Nature Supplement (November): S39-S48.

7. Keeler E, Perkins MD, Small P, Hanson C, Reed S, Cunningham J, Aledort JE, Hillborne L, Rafael ME, Girosi F, Dye C. Reducing the global burden of tuberculosis: the contribution of improved diagnostics (2006) Nature Supplement (November): S49-S57.

8. Aledort JE, Ronald A, Rafael ME, Girosi F, Vickerman P, Le Blancq SM, Landay A, Holmes K, Ridzon R, Hellmann N, Shea MV, Peeling RW. Reducing the burden of sexually transmitted infections in resource-limited settings: the role of improved diagnostics (2006) Nature Supplement (November): S59-S72.

9. Urdea M, Penny LA, Olmsted SS, Giovanni M, Kaspar P, Shepherd A, Wilson P, Dahl CA, Buschbaum S, Moeller G, Hay Burgess DC. Requirements for high impact diagnostics in the developing world (2006) Nature Supplement (November): S73-S79.


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