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Nature Reviews Microbiology Evaluating Diagnostics: The Malaria Guide is the first supplement in a series of user-friendly operational guides explaining how to conduct evaluations of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases.

The supplement includes the following articles:

1. Ridley R. Diagnostics take centre stage (2006) Nature Reviews Microbiology Supplement (September): S1

2. Peeling RW, Smith PG, Bossuyt PM. A guide for diagnostic evaluations (2006) Nature Reviews Microbiology Supplement (September): S2-S6.

3. Bell D, Wongsrichanalai C, Barnwell JW. Ensuring quality and access for malaria diagnosis: how can it be achieved (2006) Nature Reviews Microbiology Supplement (September): S7-S21.

4. The TDR Diagnostics Evaluation Expert Panel. Evaluation of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases: general principles (2006) Nature Reviews Microbiology Supplement (September):S22-S33.

5. WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific/ TDR. Evaluation of rapid diagnostic tests: malaria (2006) Nature Reviews Microbiology Supplement (September): S34-S40.

All five of the articles in this supplement available for download, as PDFs, and are listed under "Useful Resources" at the right-hand side of this page.

  • dralinn ALI Innocent 17 Feb 2012

    Thanks Sollis, I find these articles very resourceful...

  • ksollis Kimberly Sollis 21 Dec 2011

    Hi Innocent,
    Further information on evaluations and procurement of RDTs can be found on the WHO's website:

    and in the publication, The Use of Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests, available here:

    I hope this helps answer your question and if you have any further comments or queries, please don't hesitate to ask

  • innocentali Innocent Mbulli Ali 8 Dec 2011

    Very Interesting articles here. I am wondering what aspects of the evaluation plan should be more prioritized and what others should be less prioritized when assessing the field performance of RDTs to inform procurement. In most instances, the time frame for this kind of work is short and national programs need to make decisions based on some sound field evidence as required often by agencies facilitating RDT procurement.