Where to start and how to make the most of Global Health Laboratories

The first step to join Global Health Laboratories is to sign up as a member… it is free! You can upload a photo and fill in your profile details by clicking on the person icon in the top right corner of the homepage, clicking on your name to open your profile and then selecting "edit my profile".

Once you join, you become part of The Global Health Network community and have access to a range of resources and sites.

Along the toolbar on the Global Health Laboratories homepage you can find the Articles tab, where you can access informative guidance articles on a variety of topics relevant to laboratories (including interesting open source scientific articles). Member contributions are welcome in this section. You can submit articles for review by The Editorial team by clicking on Upload now in the right top corner.

In the Resources tab, you will find Downloadable documents (including  guidelines, templates, SOPs, etc.) to assist you in different laboratory matters, from management and health and safety, to technical aspects. These documents have been organized by resource type. If you have templates, SOPs, protocols, training materials, etc. that you use in your laboratories and believe that can be helpful for others, please consider sharing them with the other members. You can email them to laboratories@theglobalhealthnetwork.org. All the documents made available will be reviewed by The Editorial team and an expert panel to assure their quality and reliability and the authors and their institutions will be acknowledged. Other resources available in global Health Laboratories include lab-related Training materials (e-Seminars, e-Learning courses, Power Point presentations) and Career guidance.

In Community you can get involved and interact with other members. In this section you will find the Groups area, where you can get connected to other members with similar interests by joining or creating a group. In these discussion groups you can start conversations to address laboratory related issues that concern/interest you, ask a question or give your opinion on existing discussions. Global Health Laboratories is a valuable resource and would like to keep it active, which relies on members posting honest and professional comments for discussion.

Inside Workspaces, also part of Community, members can work together on a document, which can be “open” (visible to all Global Health Laboratories visitors) or “closed” to members that have been invited to join. This allows members to collaborate on private or confidential documents.

In the Bookmarks sub-tab, members and the Editorial Team can share links to interesting web pages.

You can see all the members of Global Health Laboratories, their profiles and send individual messages in the Members sub-tab.

Another component of Community is the Blogs area, where you can share your experiences, tell others about your laboratory, your ideas and news. Whether it is ‘a day in the life,’ a review of an article, highlights from a conference you are attending, or how you solved a tricky issue. 

Your feedback, suggestions, questions and ideas, as well as your contribution with articles and discussions, are very important to develop this web site and make it useful and valuable for you and other members, to explore this Contact.

Global Health Laboratories is in its initial stages and a lot more resources and content will be added soon, so keep an eye on this space.


Code of conduct

Global Health Laboratories is a professional community. Keep all comments, questions, bookmarks and blogs professional, respectful and ensure accurate data which can be verified by external resources. Any breaches of conduct will result the post being removed from the website and a letter of warning, suspension, or deletion of a membership account. If you are concerned a comment, question, bookmark or blog may breach this Code of Conduct, please contact the website coordinator at karla@globalhealthdiagnostics.org and the matter will be discussed by the Steering Committee who will determine the action to be taken.