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Launched in 2009, Strengthening Laboratory Management Toward Accreditation (SLMTA), a structured quality improvement program, teaches laboratory managers how to implement practical quality management systems in resource-limited settings using available resources. With a series of short courses and work-based improvement projects supported by site visits and mentoring, SLMTA is designed to achieve immediate, measurable improvement in laboratories. Since its launch, it has been implemented in some 617 laboratories in 47 countries worldwide.


Better patient outcomes through sustainable quality laboratory systems and universal access to accurate, reliable, and timely laboratory results for correct diagnosis worldwide.


To transform the laboratory system by strengthening quality management systems aligned to international standards using a continuous quality improvement approach, and by fostering a quality culture based on excellence of services.


To implement the SLMTA/ SLIPTA* program and set laboratories on their path to accreditation as a measure to assure quality diagnosis, disease surveillance and outbreak response.

*SLIPTA - Stepwise Laboratory Quality Improvement Process Towards Accreditation

SLMTA 3 e-Learning course

The SLMTA 3 curriculum is composed of four modules – QMS 1, QMS 2, QMS 3, and QMS4. Each module is further divided into sections and activities. The on-line version includes an off-line/self-study component (lecture recordings and homework assignments) and an on-line/live component, as well as optional office hours and peer support discussion forum. The total time for completing the mandatory components of the on-line curriculum is 75 hours, as opposed to 86 hours of delivery time in the classroom based version. | Access the course here

SLMTA 3 e-learning Training-of-Trainers (TOT)

Many of you have expressed interest in enrolling in the SLMTA 3 e-learning course. In order to expand the training coverage and help more countries to offer this course, we are providing technical assistance to countries/regions so they can conduct this e-learning course on their own while maintaining the fidelity and high standards of the course. The SLMTA 3 e-learning Training-of-Trainers (TOT) course is part of that technical assistance. Please note, this is a TOT, targeting future on-line facilitators for the course, and not the regular SLMTA 3 e-learning course. The TOT incorporates a Teachback component (also on-line) at the end of the 15-week course, where participants teach-back some course components and receive immediate feedback.

If you meet the criteria (see Ideal Candidates for the TOT in the announcement), and your countries/regions are also interested in implementing this course, we welcome your application (see Notes on Application below). If you or your country do not meet the requirements, your application will be considered if there are openings left. If the demand exceeds the supply, candidates will be selected based on how well they meet the qualifications and how ready their countries are to implement the course.

Notes on Application: For PEPFAR supported countries, applications must be submitted by CDC Lab Advisors/branch chiefs, who are responsible for screening the applicants with their MOH counterparts. For others, please contact me directly.

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