ASLM is excited to launch our CoLTeP program web page, full of information for those who want to get involved!

In May, ASLM, in collaboration with regional and international partners and African Union member states, launched the COVID-19 Laboratory Testing Certification Program (CoLTeP) for facilities conducting COVID-19 testing. Under the program, COVID-19 testing laboratories using PCR-based testing, that are prioritized by governments, can apply for enrolment in the program through their ministry of health. Certified laboratories are then enrolled in the African Union Trusted Travel Platform, launched by Africa CDC, to simplify verification of public health documentation for travellers during exit and entry across borders.

Check out the CoLTeP web page and download the CoLTeP Application and the CoLTeP Checklist, used to check for compliance with requirements for quality and competency to conduct quality assured COVID-19 testing safely. Learn more about CoLTeP at

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