Seminar, first published on the 14th of August 2014

Prof Sisira Siribaddana - Professor of Medicine & Chair, Dean Faculty of Medicine, Rajarata University Sri Lanka

About the presenter:
Prof Siribaddana is the founding professor of (internal) medicine at Rajarata university and specialist in general internal medicine. His initial research was in diabetes and twin research. Currently he is involved in research in Ethics of clinical trials, toxic agricultural nephropathy, snake bite, infections, body image & obesity, and fever & metabolic syndrome. He chairs the IRB of the University.

About the talk:
Investigator initiated pragmatic clinical trials rather than explanatory clinical trials are needed. Collaborative trials should give something back to the community. Let's collaborate on science, but on social and cultural aspects of health, local voices and agenda should have priority. There may be no uniform local voice, but the country's interest is imperative. Capacity building driven from a western perspective may fail. Health needs are sometimes served better by traditional medicine. and



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