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The European Commission is looking into ways to support  EU member states to address re-emerging preventable diseases and to increase vaccine coverage in Europe. This policy discussion is set against the background of an increase of vaccination hesitancy in several countries, vaccines shortages and vaccines R&D challenges.

As part of this process, The European Commission has launched a public consultation on three issues: 1) Tackling vaccine hesitancy; 2) Sustainable vaccine policies in the EU;  3) EU action. The deadline for submission of position is 15 March.

 EC is also organising a stakeholders’ meeting on 9 February to discuss the following questions:

  • How the EU level can act with member states to address some of the vaccination challenges we are facing today?
  • How can we reach the people who are refusing to be vaccinated?
  • How can we boost research on vaccines?
  • How can we tackle shortages in vaccines?
  • How can we communicate more effectively about vaccines?
  • Who are the key actors in vaccination? “

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