Protocol Exchange (, from Nature Protocols, is an Open Repository for the deposition and sharing of protocols for scientific research. The aim of Protocol Exchange is to provide an open resource where protocols are made freely available for the scientific community to use and comment, which facilitate their rapid distribution and helps to accelerate research by pooling experimental know-how.
Protocol Exchange focus particularly on Protocols being used to answer outstanding biological and biomedical science research questions from a broad range of subject areas, including Biochemestry, Cell Biology, Cell culture, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Proteomics, etc.
Protocols on the Exchange are presented subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licence. This means that anyone is free to read, copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the protocols provided that attribution of the work is always given by its proper citation and that such reuse is not for commercial purposes.


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