Join our Team

Would you like to be part of the team that contributes to and oversees Global Health Laboratories

This is the opportunity for you to become involved in Global Health Laboratories, wherever you are. Global Health Laboratories is a community of researchers, and it's run by a community of researchers too - from across the world. We need people to join the virtual team by contributing their experiences, knowledge, and resources. This is to encourage greater participation and a more active cadre of enthusiastic participators with a relevant level of expertise.

You could become a senior contributor or expert committee member. All roles will work with the Global Health Laboratories Coordinator. Read the options below, then email , explaining how you would like to be involved.

The aim is that the senior contributors and expert committees can work together to ensure the local relevance and quality of information provided on Global Health Laboratories.


Senior Contributor

This role allows members to label themselves a ‘senior contributor’ if they have submitted an article or provided particularly high level of contribution (at the discretion of the Coordinator), for example, providing particularly helpful advice in several instances on discussion forums or by sharing resources such as SOPs and lab protocols. Senior Contributors will have their status marked on their Username, and will be allowed to note their position on their e-signature and CV if they wish. 
Once becoming a senior contributor, members may wish to aim to progress to the expert committee if they have the relevant levels of experience.

Expert Committees

Expert committees will oversee the web content and act as advisors on their area of expertise. They may also be called upon for webinars, to speak at workshops, and to review new content on the websites. To join an expert group, members must submit their CV to the Coordinator and fill in the Professional Membership Scheme, and can do two of the following:

  • Be the expert for one month in an ‘ask the expert’ panel and/or have an ‘interview with expert’ which we publish about them
  • Write a resource article on their expert topic, which we will peer review
  • Run an open seminar in their area about Global Health Laboratories and the Global Health Network
  • Conduct a small-scale mapping exercise locally of laboratory research capacity in their area and introduce SiteFinder to local groups

Expert committees will be expected to continue to contribute to the community by remaining in contact with the Coordinator, and contributing with activities similar to those listed above at least once every six months. If no contact occurs after six months they will be considered to have resigned.


If you have any questions about how to get involved, just get in touch -