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Hi, what do you consider the greatest challenges in running or working in a microbiology laboratory in the tropics? Give me your views and let's see if we can share experience and approaches. Best wishes, Susie



  • daviddance David Dance Nov. 9, 2012

    Well, where to start, the list is so long!? But top of the list for me is always quality assurance, including using appropriate controls for everything you do. Of course this is not a uniquely tropical problem, but since it is rare for laboratories in many tropical countries to be part of a formal accreditation scheme, in my experience this is the most important thing to encourage. Resources are always scarce and it is sad to see them wasted doing tests that cannot be relied on because quality has not been adequately assured. There is specimen quality as well, especially since samples can deteriorate so quickly at tropical temperatures. But how many of us actually reject specimens that we know full well are probably not worth testing? Then there is the difficulty of ensuring adequate consumable supplies and appropriate maintenance and calibration of equipment. Those are my top 3 - what do others think?

  • ichega Ichega Moses April 26, 2013

    Just to list a few of the greatest challenges in running microbiology laboratories in the tropical countries are,
    1.Inadequate formal training for microbiology department staff.
    2.Scarcity of resources to run the program
    3.Negligence of the few trained staff due to insufficient motivation, they tend to care less about the services.
    These are the ones I have observed, what do say about them.

  • alfredeluv Baah Owusu Alfred Feb. 5, 2014

    Some of the biggest problems confronting the work of microbiology laboratory in tropical zones.
    1.Lack of well trained and competent staffs in the department
    2.Lack or insufficiency number of protective equipments.Most microbiology laboratory that work with infectious agents lack protective equipments which compel most of the staffs to show less commitment towards the work.
    3.People in high authorities show less concern towards the departmet.For instance when reagents get finish, it will take longer period before they will provide you some which is confusing and slow down the work.
    4.lack of incentive to moltivate the staffs.

  • musambaj Musamba Joaquim Oct. 13, 2017

    Some of the biggest problems confronting the work of microbiology laboratory in tropical zones:
    1. lack of microbiology related equipment; i.e autoclaves, incubators, Co2 cylinders etc
    2. staff not comfortable with manual procedures when other sections of the lab are automated
    3. lack of infrastructure to support carrying out of microbiology test

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