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With the advent of individualized medicine, there is no doubt that for proper monitoring of the therapeutic and adverse effects of a drug in different individuals, the concept of personalized laboratory testing will also be very beneficial. How do you see this idea becoming real? Please share your thoughts in the Blog post created by Augustine Onyeaghala:


Laboratory Personalized Testing

  • karla Karla Lam 22 Jul 2014

    A recent review in The EMBO Journal outlines the opportunities and impact associated with the induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology on future, personalized medicine.

    The authors talk about new iPSC‐based medicine including iPSC clinical trials, where iPSCs from patients can be used to predict drug responders/non‐responders by analysing the efficacy of the drug on iPSC‐derived cells (personalized laboratory testing), among other uses.

    You can access the review here: .

    Do you think these advances in iPSC technology will help/push the development of personalized laboratory testing or do you think such concept is still a distant reality?

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