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I am a resident of the Nigerian FELTP, a two-year MPH degree programme in field epidemiology. I am writing my dissertation research proposal on the evaluation of the performance and quality of Romanowsky stains and RDT kits used for malaria diagnosis in Plateau State, Nigeria. Please can someone provide me detailed information on methods for analysis of the active substance (antigen or antibody) in a malaria RDT kit? What laboratory methods can be used to assay the histidine or LDH or aldolase component of a malaria RDT kit? I also need information about chromatographic and spectrophotometric methods for analyzing biological stains. There is this rapid thin layer chromatographic method for analyzing blood stains by Marshall and Lewis, 1974a, I have not been able to get the details of it. Can someone help here please?

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  • sgelderbloem sgelderbloem 27 Feb 2017

    Manual of standard operating procedures for Assessment of Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests within the Product Testing Programme of the World Health Organization
    At the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta

    The above mentioned document maybe useful in helping you find the appropriate answers to your questions. This can be found at this address:
    We welcome the response from other Malaria experts to assist you in finding the most appropriate solution to your questions.

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