Maurice MAHADI

About: FHI 360 Financial Management Service in Guinea. PREGUI and FHI360 collaboration About FHI 360 1971 - Got our start at the University of North Carolina conducting research to develop safe and effective family planning methods. 1986 - Expanded our scope to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 1990 - FHI Foundation was established. The foundation is funded by proceeds from the sale of two for-profit companies spun off from FHI 360. 2011 - Acquired the Academy for Educational Development (AED), expanding our capabilities to include nutrition, education, economic development, civil society and other areas. FHI 360’s West Africa operations includes (but not limited to): $448 million USAID HIV program (Nigeria) $300 million Regional NTD Program (13 West African countries) $288 million Global Fund HIV program (Nigeria) $50 million Civil Society Program (Tunisia) $12 million Civil Society Program (Guinea) $25 million Education Program (Senegal) FHI 360’s experience in Delivering Financial Services: FHI 360 has experience in delivering sound financial, budgetary and contract management expertise developed over several years working for government, corporate and non-profit entities. Specifically FHI 360 has experience in: Consolidating and reporting global financial data (approximately $700 million annually) Drilling down to transaction details for financial reporting Interpreting grant and contractual language Preparing and presenting financial data to groups large and small Specialties: Forecasting, financial reporting, budgeting, financial and contract analysis.

Location: GUINEA
Job: Project Manager

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