Seminar, first published on 4th January 2014

Research findings are only as good as the quality of the data on which they are based. Powerful statistical software has led to a dazzling array of sophisticated analyses, yet many authors fail to describe how the quality and consistency of their clinical data were attained and maintained. PERCH (Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health) is a large case-control study of the causes of and risk factors for severe pneumonia. The study is conducted in 7 countries across Africa and Asia. A programme was developed to ensure that clinical standardization throughout the two-year period of patient recruitment.

Dr Jane Crawley is a consultant paediatrician who has worked in tropical child health for the past 25 years. 



  • drbukhaari101 khadar 21 Aug 2015

    low birth weight malnourished children who are not breast feed and those living in over crowded conditions have the greatest risk of developing pneumonia and dying from it

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