Immunopaedia – Advancing Global Immunology Education is proud to collaborate with Global Health Laboratories to provide educational, treatment and diagnostic resources to a wider community.

Immunopaedia promotes education, knowledge and research in Immunology globally; it is an immediate source of immunology information for healthcare professionals, students and researchers.

Immunopaedia provides materials for teaching and learning immunology, from the basic immune system to advanced immunology and specialised focus areas. Clinical case studies utilise doctors’ real world experiences to demonstrate diagnostic methods and treatments as well as explain immunological pathways of diseases. Immunopaedia is kept current and informed with regularly updated news articles on advances in research and interviews with leading immunologists.

Immunopaedia supports Global Health Laboratories aim to facilitate the sharing of laboratory practices and procedures. We provide diagnostic tool resources for immunological laboratory testing and clinical practice as well as laboratory assay information, such as ELISAs, PCRs, and flow cytometry.

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