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Theonest Mutabingwa is a Professor at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University in Dar-es-Salaam. Mutabingwa finds that the major advantage of being part of the WWARN community is gaining an understanding of the research his peers are involved with in other countries around the world.

In this video, he discusses the two key challenges that face developing countries to progress their malaria research. The first is the lack of funding and the second is the lack of adequate resources in terms of supplies and human resources.

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  • mohamedahmidbangs98 MOHAMED AHMID BANGURA 19 May 2020

    I believe in most of the African countries they focus on the preventive and the curative measures of malaria.

  • mohamedahmidbangs98 MOHAMED AHMID BANGURA 19 May 2020

    Want to know in details about malaria infection

  • vj0963 Valrie J. McKenzie 27 Jul 2015

    I also believe that in some developing countries, the focus is more on prevention as there is not enough resources available. Hence research on the subject is very limited or non-existent.