In this seminar Professor Kevin Marsh describes how knowledge of immunity to malaria in humans has developed over the past thirty years and what impact this has for future research.

13th May 2015 • comment
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19th March 2015 • comment

Early Virus-Host Interactions Dictate the Course of a Persistent Infection

by Brian M. Sullivan, John R. Teijaro, Juan Carlos de la Torre, Michael B. A. Oldstone
22nd January 2015 • comment

The Genetic and Mechanistic Basis for Variation in Gene Regulation

by Athma A. Pai, Jonathan K. Pritchard, Yoav Gilad
22nd January 2015 • comment

Effects of introducing Xpert MTB/RIF test on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis diagnosis in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

by Nomonde R Dlamini-Mvelase, Lise Werner, Rogerio Phili, Lindiwe P Cele and Koleka P Mlisana
20th January 2015 • comment
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26th August 2014 • comment

Candida albicans Pathogenicity and Epithelial Immunity

by Naglik JR, Richardson JP, Moyes DL
18th August 2014 • comment

This thematic series of eight papers provides an overview on infectious diseases of poverty and integrated community-based interventions, describes the analytical framework and the methodology used to guide the systematic reviews, reports findings for the effectiveness of community-based interventions for the prevention and control of helminthic NTDs, non-helminthic NTDs, malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and proposes a way forward. While previous reviews focus on process and effectiveness of integrated community-based interventions under real life field conditions, this series of papers evaluates the efficacy of such interventions with respect to disease or prevention outcomes.

8th August 2014 • comment
5th August 2014 • comment

iPS cells: a game changer for future medicine

by Haruhisa Inoue, Naoki Nagata, Hiromi Kurokawa, Shinya Yamanaka
22nd July 2014 • comment

New publication on rifampicin Mono-Resistance in TB

by Yacoob Mahomed Coovadia, Sharana Mahomed, Melendhran Pillay, Lise Werner, Koleka Mlisana
12th November 2013 • comment